Book Reviews

The strength of the story is how imaginative and fresh it is. It pulls the reader into a world that’s both familiar and strange.
Kelly J. Hardesty, parent, poet and playwright

Ingenious characters, Cardboard Man and Rag Doll! Their thrilling derring-do adventures keep you turning the pages and trying to guess what will happen next.
Gail McGrath, librarian, Roseville Public Library

Cardboard Man and The New Boots is a fast moving book. It is full of interesting characters, events, and problems. It’s kind of mysterious and scary, but also interesting and fast-paced. Definitely a book that I want to read again!
Giada Hitch, reader, aged 10

I loved the historical references. Through the book, Cardboard Man evolves and I can’t wait to read the sequel!
Sloan Pettit, reader, aged 9

A great adventure book introducing children to the wonderful sport of archery.
Taylor Borges, level 3-NTS USA archery coach, Loomis, CA

Strong plot, novel characters and rich language will have readers laughing, learning and caught up in this fact-paced adventure. Cardboard Man is an endearing reluctant hero and his best friend Rag Doll a unique “side kick.” The Adventures of Cardboard Man is a fun, excellent read!
Mary Rodriggs, elementary school teacher, Fremont, CA

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