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Meet Cardboard Man, his friends Rag Doll and Skiptrace, and the enormous tree Giganteum who guides them in their adventures. Cardboard Man is given the task of defeating the Glete, an evil being seeking to gain power in the world. In order to succeed, Cardboard Man must rely on the wisdom of Giganteum, the help of forest allies, and the support of his friends. Most of all, Cardboard Man, like all true heroes, must learn to trust himself.

Before his life changes forever, Cardboard Man works at a diner holding the daily menu, until the day he catches fire and gets tossed into the trash by his mean boss. Rescued by neighborhood kids and a shoe repairman who gives him a pair of unusual boots, Cardboard Man has no idea that that the gift will launch the adventure of a lifetime!

The catch is, he can only move after dark. How will Cardboard Man ever become the warrior he needs to be to stand a chance against a ruthless monster? Will he be up for the challenge or will he be reduced to pulp? And why is he, a mere piece of cardboard, chosen for this heroic task?

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Book Reviews

The strength of the story is how imaginative and fresh it is. It pulls the reader into a world that’s both familiar and strange.
Kelly J. Hardesty, parent, poet and playwright

Ingenious characters, Cardboard Man and Rag Doll! Their thrilling derring-do adventures keep you turning the pages and trying to guess what will happen next.
Gail McGrath, librarian, Roseville Public Library

Cardboard Man and The New Boots is a fast moving book. It is full of interesting characters, events, and problems. It’s kind of mysterious and scary, but also interesting and fast-paced. Definitely a book that I want to read again!
Giada Hitch, reader, aged 10

I loved the historical references. Through the book, Cardboard Man evolves and I can’t wait to read the sequel!
Sloan Pettit, reader, aged 9

A great adventure book introducing children to the wonderful sport of archery.
Taylor Borges, level 3-NTS USA archery coach, Loomis, CA

Strong plot, novel characters and rich language will have readers laughing, learning and caught up in this fact-paced adventure. Cardboard Man is an endearing reluctant hero and his best friend Rag Doll a unique “side kick.” The Adventures of Cardboard Man is a fun, excellent read!
Mary Rodriggs, elementary school teacher, Fremont, CA